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  • What are the season start and end dates?
    U17/U19 Program Season: June 15 - August 4 U23/Senior Pre-Season: June 15 - July 15 U23/Senior Season: July 15 - August 4
  • What is the regatta schedule?
    Dominion Day Regatta: July 1st West Side Invite: July 7th USRowing RowFest: July 13-16th RowOntario Championships: July 20-21st 140th Royal Canadian Henley: July 28-August 4th
  • What is the practice schedule?
    Schedule: U16/Novice Team 6:30-8:30am M-F & 7-11am Saturday U17/19 White Team 6:30-8:30am M-F & 7-11am Saturday U17/19 Blue Team 6-8am & 5:30-7:30pm M-F & 7-11am Saturday U23/Sr Team 6-8am & 5:30-7:30pm M-F & 7-11am Saturday Practice times will change around regatta dates. Rowers will be assigned to respective teams based on age and rowing ability. Following morning practice, all rowers are invited to remain at BSRA until 10am for land workouts, video review, team meetings or just relaxing with teammates.
  • Where does RowBuffalo Practice?
    Rowbuffalo practices at BSRA's Patrick Paladino Memorial Boathouse, located at: 405 Ohio St, Buffalo, NY 14204. More details can be found on the "facilities page".
  • Are there tryouts and cuts?
    RowBuffalo has tryouts but does not make cuts. We will assess every rower's strength, fitness and technical rowing ability at the beginning of the season. Based on the rower's performance, our staff will place them in one of the various levels of our program. Everyone will be given the opportunity to improve at practice and compete in regattas. Novice rowers who are determined to need additional improvement may be asked to participate in BSRA's LTR camps or sign up for private lessons.
  • Do all athletes get to compete at regattas?
    All rowers will compete at Dominion Day, the West Side Invite, the RowOntario Championships and the Royal Canadian Henley Regattas. Only select rowers will compete at USRowing's RowFest.
  • I'm from out of town. Will there be ways for me to make friends and do things outside of rowing for the summer?
    Yes, the RowBuffalo team is very friendly and loves the opportunity to invite new rowers onto the team. Buffalo is known for its snow, but did you know we also have sand beaches? Summer is a great time for swimming, hiking, fishing, golf, and exploring the city. There are also team activities such as visiting Niagara Falls and Letchworth State Park, movie nights, pool parties, and cookouts that will be organized throughout the summer.
  • Can I still be on the team if I have a plans for summer vacation or regular conflicts with another activity?
    Yes, but this may affect your position within lineups if you lose strength and fitness or are not able to re-integrate within race lineups. Press discuss practice and regatta conflicts with your coach in advance.
  • Who should I contact with payment and dues questions?
    Contact Ryan Brown with all questions with dues and payment. Email:
  • Does RowBuffalo like to win?
    Very much.
  • Is Summer Nationals (RowFest) included in the summer dues?
    No. Since this regatta is invite only, it will be a separate charge to cover flights, hotels and rental cars in Oklahoma City, Olka.
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